Kemec KR1000/2000

With Kemec KR 1000/2000 it is easy to weld cylinders, pipes, containers and other revolving weld pieces. The circle welder's universal allows intermittent and continuous welding according to pre programmed weld lengths. The programs which can be saved in the control system memory and various function modes assist programming and shifting from one product to another.

The welding equipment frame beam is made of strong aluminum profile and the stocks' slide bars are of precision steel, enabling accurate positioning and easy mobility of the stocks.

A clamping tool for the weld piece or a three-jaw chuck can be mounted on the head stock range. The head stock axle is equipped with an inlet hole which can be used for taking in root gas, compressed air or electric signals. The tail stock has a cone tool which i is suitable for mounting a weld piece in most cases. The tail stock pressing motion is pneumatic.

The welding torch is mounted in a quick-adjustment unit which can be quickly and easily moved along the beam, parallel to the frame. The beam has links at both ends and can be turned pneumatically to move the torches aside when a weld piece is changed.